Community Advisory Board

Junior League of Richmond has enjoyed years of service and support from outside members of our community who value our organization and want to see it succeed.  Chaired by the President, JLR’s Community Advisory Board is a group of advisors that meets quarterly and are committed to assisting JLR in fulfilling its mission and strategic goals through:

  • Serving as a filter for any potential ideas to hold them up against the League’s mission to ensure alignment,
  • Making the League aware of the needs of the greater Richmond community, to broaden the scope of our internal view and to challenge the League to meet those needs,
  • Representing the League to the community as ambassadors and advocates for our organization, mission, and goals, and
  • Building capacity in Richmond by driving, connecting, and collaborating with the League.

Please join us in thanking these trusted allies for their service:


Jennifer Goins

Bon Secours

Ira Holliday


Aline Reitzer

Acacia Mid-town & Richmond Restaurant Week

Carol Viall


Kim Mahan

MAXX Potential

Lynn Pelco

Virginia Commonwealth University

Jonti Simmons

Community in Schools of Richmond

Adrienne Cole Johnson

Peter Paul Development Center

Lile Benaicha

Troutman Sanders LLP