Reinstate Your Membership

The Junior League of Richmond is comprised of more than 600 women who are dedicated to volunteerism. We are excited about the possibility of you returning to join our mission of service to the Richmond community.  The League you see today is because of the foundation created by our past and present members. Whether you will be rejoining us as an active member or a sustainer, we have a full line up of volunteer opportunities, social engagements, and training awaiting you.

Are You Eligible?

Any Active or Sustaining member who has resigned in good standing may be reinstated (a) by two-thirds vote of the Board, (b) upon payment of a reinstatement fee of $75.00, and (c) upon payment of dues for the current year.

Any Active or Sustaining member who has been removed from membership may be reinstated (a) by two-thirds vote of the Board, (b) upon payment of a reinstatement fee of $100.00, (c) payment of any additional outstanding fines, and (d) upon completion of any additional expectations set forth by the Management Team.

If you have resigned or if you were removed from The Junior League of Richmond membership roster and would like to Transfer to another League, you must first reinstate your membership with The Junior League of Richmond.

NOTE: If you were a member of a different League, please contact that League before completing the reinstatement form to transfer from that League to the Junior League of Richmond.

How Does the Reinstatement Process Work?

The Board hears reinstatement requests monthly at Board Meetings.  This information will assist them in making their decision. This information is confidential. Relevant information will be shared with the Board and Staff.

Once a decision has been made, you will be contacted by the Membership Vice President with an update on the status of your request.

After the reinstatement form is completed, reinstatement becomes effective only when the reinstatement request has been approved by the Board of Directors at the monthly board meeting and when a member has paid the reinstatement fee and her annual dues (per the League’s policies and procedures).

Once reinstatement is effective, the member is expected to fulfill all Junior League of Richmond commitments and committee placement commitments.


Please contact the Vice President of Membership at

Thank you for your continuing service to the Richmond community and your commitment to the Junior League of Richmond!