New Member Commitments

We are delighted that you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Junior League of Richmond (JLR).  The Junior League of Richmond believes that trained community volunteers can change our world for the better!

The Junior League of Richmond is proud of giving over 90 years of community service to the Richmond community and also proud of the volunteers like you who make it possible. The success of the JLR begins with welcoming women who are committed to making a positive difference in our community and growing their leadership skills.

Before applying for membership, please give careful thought to the commitments for becoming a JLR volunteer, which include:

  • An interest in voluntarism
  • A commitment to community service
  • An interest in developing leadership skills
  • Age and residency commitment
    • A New Member shall be at least 21 years old before the end of the fiscal year (May 31( in which she joins as a New Member
    • A New Member must live in the Richmond area. The Richmond area is defined as any location within a 45 mile radius of the center of the City of Richmond (9th and Main Streets)
  • Completion of the New Member Course
  • Membership Commitments (must be completed by March 31, 2019)
    • Super Saturday
    • 3 General Membership Meetings
    • 1 New Member Meeting
    • Placement Palooza
    • 1 New Member Advisor Social
    • 1 Mid-Year Check in with Advisor
    • Update Digital Cheetah Profile
    • Follow the Member Code of Conduct Policy found in our Policies and Procedures.
    • The Clothes Rack
    • Community Commitments
      • 1 Doorways Shift (with NMA group)
      • 1 Done In A Day (DIAD) (with NMA group)
    • Fund Development Commitments
      1 of the following:

      • Work three-hour shift at Touch A Truck or Book and Author
      • Purchase 8 Touch A Truck tickets
      • Purchase 1 Book and Author Dinner ticket
      • Purchase 2 Book and Author Gallery tickets
    • Training Institute for Leadership Impact (TILI)
      • 1 TILI at Super Saturday
      • 1 TILI at New Member Meeting
      • 1 TILI of your choosing
    • Financial Commitments
      • $65 Registration Fee (due with application by May 17, 2019)
      • $161 New Member Dues (due June 14, 2019)
      • 2020-2021 Active Dues: $161 (due by March 31, 2020)
    • Electives
      Pick 3 of the following (one can be done multiple times):

      • Attend a General Membership Meeting
      • Attend a Sustainer Event
      • Work a two-hour shift at The Clothes Rack
      • Donate $75 worth of merchandise to The Clothes Rack
      • Complete a Done In A Day (DIAD)
      • Work an Event shift
      • Purchase Event ticket(s)
      • Attend a TILI Training



If you have any questions or concerns about the commitments or the application, please email:

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