2022 Clothes Rack Donation Hours

New Donation Hours 2022
Starting in 2022, the Clothes Rack will have new donation hours. We’ve had so many fabulous donations come in that we haven’t been able to sort through them all! Additionally, we have great items from Stratford Hills donors boxed up and waiting for their time on the salesfloor.

Our new donation days, effective 1/2, will be Friday through Sunday from open to 5 pm. On the days we aren’t accepting donations, we’ll be working hard to catch up on our current donation backstock, implement more efficient processes, and add to our team.
We know this is a big change. We hope you’ll stick with us through these growing pains. The steps we’re taking now will ultimately allow us to better serve you, the community, and fund the mission of the Junior League of Richmond.
Thank you for all the years of love and support!