Little Black Dress Initiative

To learn more about how poverty hurts us all:

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The Little Black Dress Initiative is a poverty awareness campaign:

Poverty is defined as the lack of means necessary to meet basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter–having to face tough choices on what to eat each day or how to pay all the bills.

In Richmond, 25% of residents live below the federal poverty threshold –second highest in Virginia.

40% of school age children in Richmond live in poverty.

75% of students qualify for free lunch.

The Little Black Dress:

You will notice our advocates wearing the same black dress for five straight days.

What does wearing the same black dress every day for five days mean?  It means experiencing first hand the lack of choices people in poverty face.

Your Donation: 

Many of the children the Junior League of Richmond work with throughout the year live in a food desert. This means they live in an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food. There are hardly any healthy or affordable food options for their families to purchase, especially with the limited income they live on. We want to help bring fresh and affordable produce into their community! This year’s Little Black Dress Initiative is raising funds to combat poverty and food insecurity in the East End of Richmond. With the funds raised we will purchase an EnviraGrow Mobile Learning Center that will provide more than 6,000 pounds of fresh produce annually. Our Learning Center will be placed at one of our community partners and will help to provide work force development, reduce the food desert in the area, offset grocery costs for our community partner, and teach about health and nutrition.

Our Goal:

To raise at least $35,000 to purchase an EnviraGrow Mobile Learning Center.


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