Pinkie W. Smith Award Recipients

The Pinkie W. Smith Award for Excellence in Volunteerism was established in 1998 to commemorate the exemplary service and dedication to volunteering that was so evident in the life of Pinkie Smith.  The recipient is an “unsung hero” who consistently performs above the average League requirements, demonstrates excellence in her volunteer work, and shows a selfless dedication and loyalty to the Junior League of Richmond.

2023: Emily Janto
2020: Meghan Behny
2019: Jenn Keegan
2018: Christa Schulenburg
2017: Amy Shutts
2016: Jayda Justus
2015: Bev Brown
2014: Heidi Vaiksnoras
2013: Kim Daniel
2012: Elizabeth Ford
2011: Jennifer Myers
2010: Cathy Haas
2009: Molly Dreux
2008: Rikki Dodson
2007: Brooke Farley
2006: Jill G. White
2005: Molly Negus
2004: Laurie P. Sommardahl
2002: Laurie Jarrett Rogers & Nancy Newton Rogers
2001: Kathryn W. Knollmann
2000: Margaret Lee Hall & Elizabeth Cabell Jennings
1999: June J. D. Speight Myers