Barbara Ransome Andrews Award Recipients

The Barbara Ransome Andrews Award, given for outstanding community service and commitment, is named for one of our most esteemed and beloved members.  Barbara Andrews, President of the Junior League in 1963-64, represented the very best qualities of a Junior League member and will be an inspiration to future generations.  This award is given to the person who demonstrates outstanding commitment to the community and the Junior League of Richmond through volunteer activities.

2020 Virginia Caldwell Stone
2019 Kathleen Demro
2018 Mary Catharine Kolbert
2017 Whitney Fero
2016 Terry Long
2015 Sue Farrell
2014 Jane Helfrich
2013 Camilla Rohrbach
2012 Sue Taylor
2011 Cherry Peters
2010 Pattie Loughridge
2009 Newnie Rogers
2008 Cathy Hatcher
2007 Gina Simpson & Bev Bates
2006 Mary Wick
2005 Michelle Thomson
2004 B.J. Durrill
2003 Mrs. Benjamin P. Alsop & Mrs. James T. Rhodes
2002 Mrs. George H. Ginn
2001 Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. & Mrs. John T. West, IV
2000 Mrs. William C. French
1999 Mrs. James M. Wells, III
1998 Mrs. Philip J. Bagley, III
1997 Mrs. Lawrence Lewis, Jr.
1996 Mrs. Lawrence M. Barnes, Jr.
1995 Mrs. Charles H. Phillips, Jr.
1994 Mrs. Robert M. Freeman
1993 Mrs. Robert P. Trice
1992 Mrs. James Michael Jarvis
1991 Mrs. Charles M. Terry, Jr.
1990 Mrs. James E. Ukrop
1989 Mrs. William T. Clarke
1988 Mrs. Charles S. Luck, III
1987 Mrs. Dupont Guerry, III & Mrs. Hunter H. McGuire, Jr.
1986 Mrs. Charles L. Reed, Jr. & Mrs. Harriet C. Russell
1985 Mrs. J. Robert Massie, Jr. & Mrs. Charles L. McDowell
1984 Mrs. George H. Flowers, Jr.
1983 Mrs. John E. McDonald, Jr.
1982 Mrs. Leslie Cheek, Jr.
1981 Mrs. John N. Thomas
1980 Mrs. St. George Tucker Lee & Mrs. Paul Douglas Camp, III
1979 Mrs. John H. Bocock & Mrs. William T. Reed, Jr.
1978 Mrs. Walter A. Williams, Jr. &  Miss Janet Lorraine Hyde
1977 Mrs. Charles Bruce Miller
1976 The Language Education Assistance Program volunteers